About Us

The FirstPage Origin Story

FirstPage was started by Brent Paine back in 2008. As an experienced marketer, he saw an opportunity to provide big agency results at a price that was affordable for small business owners.

As you probably know, the big guys in online marketing charge big bucks for cookie-cutter campaigns that usually deliver mediocre results. That’s not to mention the oppressive contracts, techno-jargon, and crappy service.

When you get fed up with this nonsense you’ll be thrilled to find out that you don’t even own the website that you thought you were paying for.

Brent saw all this and knew there was a better way. He gathered a team of specialists in the crucial elements of online marketing and FirstPage was born. If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency focused on results and a better marketing experience, you’ve come to the right place.

Brent Paine
CEO/SEO Specialist

Dean Mignola
Creative Director

Jacoby Kingston
Website Development